Remove The Snow From Your Roof Tops !!!!!

The weight of ice and snow can cause your roof to collapse.  This can be costly and very messy!  Take action and remove the snow from your roof.

How Do You Remove Snow from the Roof?

Once snow buildup occurs or ice dams form, using a roof rake is the best option that doesn’t require spending cash on a professional. The rake has an extended handle, which enables you to pull snow off the roof — from the safety of the ground.
To remove snow and ice, start from the edge and work your way into the roof using downward strokes. Try to scrape the snow along the bottom of the roof, shaving two or three inches off. There’s no need to scrape the roof entirely clean, as this will risk damage to your roof shingles or other roof covering.

If you don’t have a roof rake , you can purchase a roof rake from the local hardware store .  Metal snow rakes conduct electricity if they come into contact with a power line, so be careful. Also, avoid using a ladder when removing the snow; the ladder’s rungs can freeze and cause you to slip. Instead of the ladder, buy extension poles or a longer rake to reach higher portions of the roof.