How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Here are a few helpful hints to protect you and your family from identity theft

  • Don’t give your personal information over the phone in an unsolicited call. Be cautious. Ask the caller to send you information in writing.
  • Shred all of your important documents. Identity thieves will go through your trash and retrieve copies of your checks, credit card and bank statements, mail and other personal records.
  • Do not carry your Social Security card, birth certificate or passport.
  • Reconcile your bank accounts monthly and obtain your credit report at minimum once a year as Identity theft can go on for years before you would become aware.
  • Visit the Better Business Bureau Online at personal identification numbers.  They have great tips for you regarding online purchasing!
  •  Never give your financial information online unless you initiated the contact and know the party with whom you are dealing.

Another useful tip!  Beware of financial aid scams!!

College students!! Financial aid scams are becoming quite common.. Use these legitimate college financial aid resources:,,, and – See more at: