Harriett goes snowmobiling!

snowmoHarriett goes snowmobiling

Ruff! Dad just brought home a really cool Ski- Doo snowmobile!

Shadow and I decided to take our sleds out onto the lake first before hitting the trails.  Here we are zooming around in circles seeing just how fast we can go!

I noticed all of the ice shacks (they look like porta potties to me) and I convinced Shadow that we should visit one of the fishermen and see if the fish were biting!  Here we go, zoom; zoom as fast as we can to visit with the fishermen!  We come to a quick halt as to avoid crashing into the ice shack. Funny thing is, when I tried to strike up a conversation with the fisherman, to ask how the fish were biting, he wouldn’t speak to me! He just gave me this growly face! Seriously, I just don’t understand why some people can be so rude!  All of a sudden, the ice broke and the fisherman’s brand new Ford Ranger began to sink down into the icy bottom of the lake!  Shadow and I hopped back on our sleds and hi-tailed it back to the house.  Shadow yipped all of the way home!  I wonder how he will get his truck out of the lake! I hope he has insurance! Dad said that if the personal vehicle has comprehensive coverage, there is coverage to the vehicle less the deductible to the damage of the truck. There is a fine the DNR will issue after 30 days and expenses that arise other than the actual damage to the truck will be the owner’s responsibility. For example, the average cost to hire someone to remove your vehicle is about $2,000. Court costs and the DNR fee’s add up to about $350.00 per day. So sled safe, and play safe on the ice, after all it could cost you plenty!


Jump-Jump! Lick-Lick!

(Hugs and Kisses)

Harriett-The Therapy Dog

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