Harriett builds her dream house!

I have a had quite enough of mom’s curfews and household chores!  I decided it was time to move out!  I had a lot of stash buried in the back yard from my job, and I decided to use most of it to build a fab dog house.  Shadow and I found this awesome piece of land with a river running through!  We sniffed-out the land and decided to build in the valley, as there were a lot of great smells, and only a few feet from the river!  This dog house would be the envy of all of my friends, totally worth howling about!  My K-9 pack all pitched in to build the house.  I had Lucca, Lucy and shadow fetch the wood, and Sparky was great with the hammer!  I was a great foreman, if I do say so myself!  It had all the modern conveniences of any modern home except for a dishwasher.  I love washing dishes, so why not save the money for something else!  Like a doggie pool, after all, I am a “Golden”.

This year was an awesome year for winter sports.  We had tons of snow.l  We built snow people and raced our snowmobiles, went snow-padding and so much more!  Soon spring came and all of our snow began to melt.  The river kept rising and before we knew it, we were dog paddling through the living room!  Oh my! What a mess!  To make things worse, I neglected to purchase flood insurance.  It seemed a bit too pricy and I really wanted that gold chain therapy dog collar-necklace (I just had to have the necklace not to mention that the necklace looks fab with my gorgeous red hair.)  I must say however, hind sight tells me I should have opted for the flood insurance!

I grabbed my cell and called dad straight away!  All I heard from him was the “I told you so” lecture!  He did warn me not to build there, and lectured me on the importance of flood insurance.  I thought those types of things are suppose to happen to others, like the people yhou see on TV news, not me!  I howled as I learned my home owner’s policy didn’t cover my loss!  Nothing!  Grow-Ruff!  Now I am back living with mom and dad.  I really don’t mind washing the dishes and the curfew?  It’s not that bad!

You don’t need to live in a flood zone to have a flood!  It could rain cats and dogs and accumulate several inches of rain creating a lot of unwanted water with nowhere to go!  It could play havoc on your home or business!

Water seepage would be an option for flood insurance, not you home owners policy.

Call mom or dad today and find out how to insure your home against Mother Nature!

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Until next time!


Jump-Jump, Lick-Lick


Harriett the Therapy dog