Boats, ATVs, and Snowmobiles, Oh My!

Do I need Insurance?

In our area, we really love our toys! Most of us own or know someone that owns a boat, ATV or side-by-side, dirt bike, snowmobile, or jet-ski.  Even though it is not required by law to have insurance on these vehicles, it is still important to consider.  Even if your toy isn’t worth much, you still have liability exposure to think about.  If you let someone drive your ATV and they get hurt, or hurt someone else and/or damage their property? What if someone falls off your boat and gets injured?  You can be held liable!

“But… I don’t let anyone drive my toy…”

Even if you don’t let anyone drive your toy; think about this… There are many other drivers out there that don’t follow the rules, or drive without safety in mind. I’m sure you have seen at least one that makes you cringe.  What if one of those bad drivers crashes into you and you get hurt?  Now you have doctor bills, and if they don’t have insurance, wouldn’t it be nice if you had coverage to help you out?!

So, before you head out on the ATV, go for some late season fishing, or hop on that snowmobile for the first time this season; take a moment and decide if it is worth the risk to play without insurance.